The book A Proper Spectacle Women Olympians 1900-1936 by Stephanie Daniels and Anita Tedder, has become recognised as a unique contribution to the history of women in the Olympics.

Published in 2000, it is recognised text for examination work and is of great interest to all those researching and studying Olympic History. Illustrated with over 100 photographs, many from the personal albums of the women featured in the book, it is a model for the interpretation of pictorial evidence and gives first hand insight into the struggles women had to content with in order to beomce Olympians. 'A Proper Spectacle' has been used in schools, colleges and universities throughout the world and is available from this site.

In time for the London 2012 Olympics, the book has now been discounted from 16.99 to just 9.99 with FREE delivery (mainland UK only). Click here to buy the book.
'Tomorrow there will probably be women runners, or even women football players? If such sports are played by women, would they constitue a proper spectacle to offer the audience that an Olympiad brings together? We do not think this may be claimed to be so.' Founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Piere de Coubertin, July 1912.

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