About 'A Proper Spectacle'

‘A Proper Spectacle’ has 168 pages, 100 black and white and 26 colour photos interspersed in the text. Featured in the book are 32 women from 10 different countries. Many of the photographs are from the personal collections of the women.

The first part of the book sets the scene and concentrates on the environment into which the women were stepping. Some of the research in the early section includes uncovering unknown women Olympians from the games of 1900 and argues against the traditional view that women took part in just two sports in the Olympics of 1900.

The latter part of ‘A Proper Spectacle’ gives personal insights into the Olympic Games of 1928, 1932 and 1936. Please click here to read the introduction from the book.

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Contents of the book:

Foreword by Marathon World Record Holder Paula Radcliffe (pictured on the right)

Chapter One - The Earliest Olympics
Boxing - Kallipateria and the first sex test
Chariot Racing
First Games for Women
Female Walkers - blazing a trail
The Race to Revive the Olympic Games
The First Games of the Modern Olympiad - Athens 1896

Chapter Two - Paris 1900: The First Official Olympic Games For Women
Croquet, Tennis, Ballooning,Yachting, Golf, Equestrianism

Chapter Three- Preparing For Glory
Votes and Games For Women
Early Training

Chapter Four - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: 1904 -1924
Women’s Events Come and Go in the Olympic Games
St Louis, 1904 - the New Amazons
Swimming, Gymnastics, Fencing

Chapter Five - The Biggest Hurdle: Women Athletes’ Fight To Win A Place At The Olympic Games
Alice Milliat, Sophie Peirce Evans

Chapter Six - Amsterdam, 1928
Opening Ceremony of the 1928 Olympic Games
The Athletics Track and Stadium
The First Olympic Athletic Event for Women - the 100 Metres
The 800 Metres
High Jump, Discus and Relay, Swimming, Fencing, Gymnastics
On to Los Angeles

Chapter Seven - Los Angeles 1932
Journey to LA
Winner’s podium for the first time
Olympic Village
Los Angeles Coliseum
Babe Didrikson
Stella Walsh and the 100 Metres
The Relay and First British Athletic Medal
Disappointment For Joyce
Elation for Bonnie and Marie
Taking part or winning?

Chapter Eight - Images of the Berlin Olympics, 1936
Leni Riefenstahl and ‘Olympia’
Kit and Clothes
Deutsche Stadium
Opening Ceremony
Mothers at the Games!
Jesse Owens - The Emperor
Rie Mastenbroek - The Empress
The Eleanor Jarrett Holm Affair
Leisure Time
Olympic Oaks
Snapshots of the Games - Glory and Disappointment
The Party After the Games

Chapter Nine - Where to Next?
After the Games