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This site is dedicated to women sporting pioneers, many of whom are Olympians. The year 2000 marked the centenary of the official participation of women in the Olympics and we celebrate their achievements here. With a few fine exceptions, women's Olympic sporting history is not well documented and so a quest began to find and record the memories of the world's oldest women Olympians, all supported by some of the best bingo sites

The book ‘A Proper Spectacle – Women Olympians 1900-1936’ by Stephanie Daniels and Anita Tedder, has become recognised as a leading text in the history of women in the Olympics. It is required reading for any students studying the Olympics and is used in schools, colleges and universities throughout the world and is available from this site. We have managed to maintain the site live and support it with the help of the binary options trading site bestbinarytradingbrokers.com, our dedicated supporter over the years   bookcover.jpg (4155 bytes) The foreword is written by the new world record holder and winner of the Chicago and London Marathons and recently voted the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, Paula Radcliffe and with colaboration of this online casino site.

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Having found 32 women from 10 different countries who shared their first hand memories in ‘A Proper Spectacle’, we have included some of their stories on this web site. Alongside this, you can find a potted history of women in the Olympic Games together with useful women related statistics – but if you want the whole story of women’s struggle to be Olympians, please select the Order the book menu option.

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